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What a start to 2023

15th January and already I’ve had a week in France (another one!), a trip to London, celebrated turning 52 and lots more planned!

The whole France thing came around by chance. A post in a Facebook group looking for a house sitter, I said yes & we were off! And it was fabulous.

Berte, France – what a view!

It was simply stunning & I managed to write/edit around 15k words so I was happy with that.

What else? Oh my days, I went to see Gabby Bernstein. If you’ve been around a while you’ll know how much I value my spiritual practice, and it all started with Gabby so getting to see her was everything I hoped and more.


It was so so inspiring. I realised that actually, though I often receive comments on how well I look, inside I’m still rebuilding myself. Physically, emotionally and mentally I’ve been pushed to my limits. I don’t want to just live life, I want to love it, to embrace it, to wake up each day feeling excited at what lays ahead.

Im not doing that right now. Everything is so much hard work. I’m constantly battling and in pain and I’m exhausted with it all. I need to, I want to change my internal story. I want to move to wellness and well-being.

So that’s my plan for 2023.

2020 pushed me to my limits.

2021 Tried to break me.

2022 almost succeeded.

2023 is when I come back fighting!

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