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New Year Updates

Today is treatment 4 of 9. That came round quick didn’t it? I’ve not been too bad. Fatigue has been the major factor (hence no updates) and we lost my dad on 20th December so I’ve been a bit shell shocked to be honest. It was expected and he really struggles in his final days so I take comfort in that he is now finally at peace.

I’ve managed to create some ‘Shed’ time too so I’m back into the routine of writing which feels bloody marvellous!

The chemo all feels a bit relentless at the minute. Though the treatment itself takes a couple of hours I can be at the hospital for 6 or 7 hours at a time due to delays. I take a book and my headphones with me but it makes it a very long day.

I was moved onto weekly treatments in December as the 3 weekly was just too strong for me and my platelets weren’t recovering in time. Weekly is way better and the side effects have been minimal, even the nausea has lessened – whoop.

I’m getting used to having no hair. I’ve been having fun with hats and scarves (check out my Instagram for the latest look 😂).

It was my birthday yesterday (10th) and I had a lovely day out walking with my favourite pooch, Milo ♥️ He’s the best therapy ever!!

So until next time, take care of yourselves and each other.

Love & Light

My birthday present 💝


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