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Super Thursday 28th October 2021

Reader, I was on FIRE

I actually made a little video which I’ll upload later, but I wanted to share my epic day with you. Even though it’s over a week ago, I’m still thinking about it!

I woke, scrolled through my phone (as usual), jumped in a shower – all relatively normal, then BOOM – I felt a surge of something; adrenaline maybe? Just the sheer joy of being alive? Ok, so it was more than likely the steroids, but I felt amazing!

I hit the Shed (of Words, I’m a writer and co-own a publishing company) at around 7:30am (unheard of) with absolute crystal clear clarity of what I was going to work on, laser sharp focus (no doom scrolling), and an energy that I hadn’t felt for YEARS! I bloody loved it. I knew it was temporary. I had been warned but for those 24 hours I felt better, healthier, more alive and alert than ever.

(When I’m not fighting with cancer treatment, I’m also a Fibro Warrior (Fibromyalgia, 19 years diagnosed) and Chronic Fatigue, so you see, having energy is a constant battle and I can sleep up to 17 hours a day.)

It gave me a level of optimism that has stayed with me. I’m still being kind and gentle with myself, but it made me realise that when all this is over I can go back to focusing on beating Fibro and CFS.

More importantly it’s given me the confidence that I can go back to writing the books I love, some thing I thought I had lost when I heard the word cancer.

Here’s the video link in case you’re interested. I also recommend a few products that I love and that have really helped me (I wasn’t paid or anything, just want to share the love.)

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