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Raspberry Beret

and ‘officially’ cancer free 🎉

I knew when we were sitting in the waiting room that it was going to be good news. I’d asked the Universe for a sign and had received nothing, then suddenly they were everywhere.

A car parking space.


Positive messages on socials

Prince playing in the waiting room, followed by Madonna and Holiday!

I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and relief, bathed in a warm glow that physically made me sigh deeply. I felt gratitude on a profound level. I could feel tears building, and a catch in my throat.

Then we were called in.

I have said this before and I will shout it from every rooftop. The NHS staff, from the ported to the consultant oncologist have been outstanding. This day was no exception. Mr Trainor, Sebastian, my oncologist was bursting to read the results of the bone and various CT scans. He was as choked as me and my husband were when he raced though the summary and declared me cancer free. We hugged. We cried.

I have beaten cancer.

No, the wonderful medical team and I have beaten cancer.

I still have one of hell of a journey ahead of me.

6 months aggressive chemo (1 session every 3 weeks to give my body chance to recover).

4 weeks of radiotherapy (8 weeks after last chemo session).

Medically induced menopause throughout.

Hormone treatment ongoing.

And all the side effects that will bring and entail.

I won’t lie, I’m scared but I’m taking a lot of time for self care. I’m strengthening my mindset and focusing on the good, joyful things I have in my life.

I will get through this, one day at a time.

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