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Hair Loss 😢

It’s the one thing I am really struggling to get my head around. I’m not sure why, it’s not like I have luscious long flowing locks. Nope, had a pixie cut for years because my hair is so fine it’s impossible to have it in any other style. But this has been really bothering me.

I want to embrace it, waltz into the hairdressers (Scott Banks, Wakefield highly recommend!) and ‘do a Brittany’ but it’s so hard. It’s part of my identity isn’t it? It’s how people recognise you.

Anyway, was texting with the boy about it and I received this message back ❤️ I mean 🥲 how bloody lucky am I?


I know how it will go. I’ll turn to the Universe for guidance and it will be ‘Go all in, throw a party, take your gang and go wig shopping then have a slap up lunch somewhere really posh with cocktails and the works’.

Hmmm 🤔 maybe, watch this space cos I’ll need to act fast, first chemo session is in 17 days!

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