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Was it me?

Was it something I did? Did I party too hard when I was younger? Did I drink too much? Did I smoke too much? Did I not exercise enough? Eat enough healthy food? Sunbathe too much?

Was I a bad MoFo in another life?

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Mind…… blown 🤯

Information overload at today’s oncology appointment. We we’re going through treatment plans but wow – I’m going to need a week or two to digest everything and read all the information I was given!

So 19 lymph nodes were removed, 6 were cancerous.

It’s no longer a grade 1 but now a grade 2.

I’ll need 6 months of chemo in 3 week cycles, starting 18th October. I will lose my hair.

I’ll need 4 weeks for radiotherapy x 5 days a week.

I’ll need some kind of hormone treatment as I’m pre menopausal & chemo will push me through the menopause.

It’s going to be a long, harsh winter I feel 😢

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#2 Rogue Lymph Node Removal

I mean, it was to be expected really because, well it’s me after all.

I’ve lost count of the number of ear operations I’ve had because the first one didn’t work. Didn’t think it would apply to boobs too!

It’s quite a lucky op to be honest. A couple of weeks after ‘the big one’ I found what I thought was another new lump and it was whilst this was being investigated that they found the ‘rogue’ lymph node so thank goodness I got it checked out.

So once this op is over and I’ve recovered we’ll be on to CT scans on Monday 4th October and I already have my date to start chemotherapy but more about that in another post, right now I’m needed for surgery!

Cat x