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Reasons to live

(Ramblings in the early hours when sleep escapes me & thoughts run wild…)

My son

I love him beyond measure, with no limits & it’s boundless. I look at him and sometimes it physically hurts.

My Husband

When all this started I said I couldn’t leave him on his own as he’s a liability. He can cook up a storm, and I swear he invented the internet but ask him to knock a nail in the wall and you’ll be left minus the wall.

If he’s my inhale, I’m his exhale and one without the other doesn’t work.

We saved each other once, and I swore in front of an anvil to love him for the rest of our lives and we have so much more loving to do.

My dad

He didn’t raise a quitter. He raised a stubborn, fiercely independent woman who doesn’t quit just because it gets tough sometimes.

For these reasons alone, I will not quit.

Catherine Yaffe, Sept 2021

I have stories to tell

So many stories. Not just crime but life stories, children’s books, poems, lessons to pass on. Writing is who I am, not what I do.

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